At the core of the Torah iTextbook Project is the concept that the study of Torah should fundamentally change one's outlook on themselves and their world. The mitzvot not only allow us to serve Hashem but also effect our cognitive perceptions of our world. As our students begin the study of Gemarah in middle and high school it is important that they begin to find this relevance in all that they learn. 

The following are some examples of perceptual relevance found in various sugyot;

HaBah BeMachteret - 

  • The value of a human life
  • Dealing with the aggression of others
  • Assessing probabilities
  • Judging others on what the probability of how they will act in the future
  • Our responsibility towards protecting others

Kibbud Av V'Aim -

  • Parent-Child relationship
  • Appreciating what others do for us
  • Appreciating what Hashem does for us
  • Being a link in the chain of the Mesorah
  • Purposeful existence
  • Sowing what we reap

Kiddush HaShem - 

  • Life priorities
  • Is your life worth more or less than another’s
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Being Jewish in a hostile world
  • The value that our predecessors placed on Mitzvah observance

Eilu V'Eilu Divrei Elokim Chayim -

  • Taking another's perspective
  • Influencing others
  • Hashem's and man's role in the halachic process
  • The importance of listening to others
  • Recognizing our own limitations

Each sugyah produced by the project will include similar relevant concepts which will be made clear to the students through interactive multi-media and review questions and assignments.

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